The "honorary members" are life members appointed by the board in recognition of their service to SLR. When SLR Society for Learning in Retirement was established in 2003, a provision in the bylaws enabled the Board to appoint Honourary Members "for exceptional work and effort for and on behalf of the Society and in furtherance of the purposes of the Society." Honourary Members have the right to attend and vote at general meetings but they aren't required to pay annual membership dues.

2004 Vera Ito 2007 Daisy Sameshima
2004 Larry Babcock 2007 David Madison
2004 Larry Taylor 2008 Clarke Wallace
2004 Guy Mackie 2007 Roger Setka
2004 Gary Dickinson 2008 Bill Davies
2004 Marie MacRae 2009 Phyllis Rowe
2004 Madeline Bourdon 2010 Fred Miles
2004 Ingrid Lausman 2010 Ron Lyric
2004 John Loewen 2011 N/A
2006 Ron Brillinger 2012 N/A
2006 Rick Burke 2013 Joan Sande
2006 Frank Harvey-Smith 2013 Linda Grant
2006 Edie Lavroff 2013 Donna Duke
2006 Jack Mighton
2006 Toshi Sakamoto
2006 Irmrgard Thieseen
2006 Clarke Wallace
2007 John Ewens
2007 Graham Reid
2007 Charles Velte
2007 George Kroker