At the Annual General Meeting held on February 18, 2006, Gary Dickinson and John Loewen, co-Presidents of The Society for Learning in Retirement (SLR), announced the establishment of a SLR Building Fund. The need for a larger, more permanent facility arises from a steadily increasing membership that is fast outgrowing the transitory facilities that have been used in the first ten years of operations.

The purpose of the Fund is to prepare for the acquisition of a single-use or joint-use facility operated either by SLR alone or in conjunction with one or more partners.

The Society, which made an initial contribution of $5,000, is accepting donations from individual members and groups. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations. Regardless of where the building will eventually be located, and whether it will be part of a multi-use complex or stand-alone facility, all donations received for the Fund will go directly to funding that building space.


SLR has been granted charitable tax status from Canada Customs and Revenue (CCRA). This means that members and others are now able to receive tax deduction receipts for donations to SLR and for membership fees. As a result, due to the tax saving, the net consequence of a gift is less than the actual amount of a donation.

Donors to the Society will be issued with official receipts for income tax purposes according to the regulations of CCRA, and SLR will abide by the regulations and guidelines of CCRA in receiving and reporting donations.

Individuals who contribute to the Society in cash or in kind will receive one of the following designations (applicable for one year), depending upon the amount of the contribution.

Friend Up to $100
Bronze Supporter $100-$500
Silver Supporter Up to $1000
Gold Supporter $1000-$3000
Benefactor $3000+